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By adrians, Jun 13 2018 03:08PM

Following the prolonged `Beast from the East`, we have been basking here in Bourne in the sunshine and thought that we would like to share with you some photos which show that summer is really here. The first photo shows some of the hordes of Ladybirds which have suddenly appeared in the sensory flower bed here at our office at Granby Court to feast on awhite fly infestation. the other photos show how our wild flower area at Meadow Drove is suddenly becoming a blaze of colour and is attracting a wide variety of insect life.

As you will see from our Owl Blog, the first chick from a clutch of four eggs has been hatched and we now anxiously await news that the other three remaining eggs have hatched.

Enjoy the summer!

By adrians, May 22 2018 03:39PM

Bourne Salvation Army Community Church would like to invite you along to a Cookery Course Taster session on Monday 18th June from 1pm till 3pm at The Salvation Army Hall in Manning Road If you are interested in coming along to see what it's all about they would love to see you. There will be a sign up sheet available on the 18th if you wish to commit to the full 6 week course. This course has been sponsored by the Len Pick Trust as part of its community welfare programme.

If you sign up for this free cookery course, Jack will teach you how to make tailored recipes and meals to be taken home to eat afterwards.Give it a go - No previous experience neccessary!!

By adrians, May 9 2018 08:36AM

We have been pleased to further extend our provision of Defibrillators in the town with the provision of a new publicly accessible machine in South Street outside the Darby & Joan Hall. PIctured below is Trust Chair, Gerry Burrows handing over the machine to Mary Holmes, Chair of the Darby & Joan Club.

Nigel Adams, senior trainer for LIVES (Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service) then held a training session for attendees. In a medical emergency, every minute counts in getting that vital first medical support to the patient as quickly as possible. Those first golden minutes can make all the difference to a patient’s life. That’s why the 700+ volunteers give up their spare time to respond to 999 medical emergencies, in their communities, right across greater Lincolnshire. Responders’ actions save lives; they get there fast to deliver that vital immediate care to their neighbours in those critical first moments before handing over to the ambulance service.

We were pleased earlier this year to provide a grant of £5,000.00 which was used to purchase equipment and supplies for the Bourne Volunteers to enable them to carry out their work in our community.

By adrians, May 9 2018 07:45AM

We bet that Dan was really very pleased with his display of artistic talent on the walls of the office at Granby Court although frankly it was not quite up to Banksy’s standard.

Dan will be saddened to know that his talent has now been removed at a cost of £250.00. That is £250.00 that will not now be available to charitable causes in the Town.

Well Done Dan.

By adrians, Feb 18 2018 09:54AM

The Butterfield Centre Mini Bus is integral to the service that the Centre provides to the elderly within the town with Clients being transported daily to and from their homes to the Centre.The Trust was therefore happy when approached by the Centre to pay for the refurbishment of the bus andalso provide a replacement bus whilst the bus was being refurbished so that the service would continue seamlessly.

Pictured is the newly repainted bus as it passed our offices at Granby Court on its first journey since refurbishment.