Owl Tower Projects


The Trust has completed two Owl tower projects in the Bourne area, both constructed from reclaimed bricks from a demolished derelict barn. Both towers were constructed by students from the local Colleges. The first tower was completed in 2014 and was immediately occupied.


The second tower was completed in the autumn of 2015. This tower is equipped with a nestbox camera which can be viewed on this page during the nesting season.

Live Video Stream

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Viewer Advice

This is a live and unedited feed of a Barn Owl family in South Lincolnshire, it is quite possible at times that images may be seen of the natural world which may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is therefore advised.

Barn Owls are protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act and The Trust are therefore precluded from intervening at any time. The Trust's policy must always therefore be to allow nature to play out without disruption or interference.

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