LPT Grants

Awarding a grant

In total accordance with the original Trust Deed there are a number of terms and conditions that are strictly adhered to.

  • All grants are awarded at the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustees.

  • Every grant has to be for the benefit of the townspeople of Bourne - including Dyke, Cawthorpe and Twenty. The Trust regrets that it is absolutely precluded from assisting any other local parishes or indeed any other charitable cause where the benefit of a grant would not substantially accrue within the Trust’s area of benefit.

  • The Trustees are unable to support applications for projects that replace actual or potential funding from any government, local government, health authority or any other statutory agency.

  • Similarly a grant will not be approved if it would create precedence for the removal of current funding to similar organisations.

  • Grants are not made to individuals.

  • All grants are continuously monitored. At the end of any 12 month period a Monitoring and Evaluation form has to be completed.

  • All grants are made on an annual basis only.

Applicant's notes

Please read all guidance notes carefully. Please do not hesitate in contacting the Trust to discuss your proposed application prior to any submission.

The Trust is unable to accept any “draft” applications; so each application must be supported by the relevant documentation requested on the relevant forms.

How to apply

Initially if you would like clarification or any guidance regarding whether your organisation would qualify for a grant then please contact the Len Pick Trust on (01778) 218090 or e-mail enquiries@lenpicktrust.org.uk


How the Charity considers an application

The Trust meets at regular intervals throughout the year and rest assured all eligible applications are put before the Trustees. Every application is evaluated and any subsequent queries arising are followed up through a personal meeting. An open discussion has proved the most efficient method to resolve all outstanding details.

In certain circumstances smaller grants of up to £500 may be approved by the Trust Manager in conjunction with the Chairman of the Trustees.

Eligible applications

All eligible applications must be received at least ten working days prior to the meeting at which they will are to be considered. Successful applications will be informed by letter within the following fourteen days. Subsequently a Conditions of Grant form will be forwarded outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. Payment will then be arranged on receipt of a signed agreement. A Monitoring and Evaluation Form will also be required on completion of the project to enable the Trustees to evaluate and monitor that the aims of the Trust are being satisfactorily discharged.

Application Forms - download an application for:

MS WORD format

PDF format

On each form please ensure that you have filled in all sections and that you have enclosed all the documents requested.

If your organisation is undertaking a brand new or a one off project then you are required to complete the specific or one off project form as detailed above. This project form must accompany your grant application form.