The Trust

Objectives of the Trust in accordance with the Trust Deed are:

In all matters the Trustees have two governing principles – firstly, of course to abide by the specific instructions and wishes of the late Len Pick, as well as acting within the terms of the governing Trust Deed.

Through the provision of assistance the sole objective of the Trust is to assist in delivering significant and tangible improvements to the quality of life, the environment, the general benefit and well-being of the townspeople of Bourne.

When considering all applications particular attention is given to the long term benefits; for example - how would a grant enable your organisation to develop and in what way would this possibly benefit the wider local community?

In each instance the Trustees actively seek evidence that other sources of funding are also being explored, so ensuring that the organisation is not purely reliant upon the Trust for their total funding.

Tangible Benefits:

“For the general benefit of the inhabitants of the town of Bourne Lincolnshire to further such charitable purposes as the trustees in their absolute discretion shall think fit and in particular the trustees shall make grants to local charitable organisations such as Bourne Abbey Church, Bourne Outdoor Swimming Pool, Bourne Darby & Joan Club, The Salvation Army and the Butterfield Day Centre."

Mission Statement:

The Trustees are committed to the following guiding principles: -


To fulfil the aims of the benefactor for the benefit of the townspeople of Bourne.


To provide full accountability and transparency for their actions in the management of the trust.


To be pro-active in fulfilling their role as Trustees for the better management of the Trust

The Len Pick Trust can only make grants to organisations for the benefit of people living in the area shown on the map. The actual defined area comprises the East and West Electoral Wards of Bourne and to clarify this does include the villages of Dyke, Twenty and Cawthorpe.